October 1-8 Celebrate President Jimmy Carter!

Time to celebrate a great leader!
Grassroots action full tilt for the Rock’n Roll President !

The Town of Fairfax, California issues a proclamation to come celebrate a leader who has stood for honesty, kindness and generosity!


Sun, Sept 30, 9pm
Marin Artists Showcase on Marin TV!

Marin County’s longest running television program (since 1976!) presents The Jimmy Carter Tribute on the eve of his 94th birthday on Marin TV.



Tues, Oct 2, 7pm
People’s Environmental News

Carter is the Father of the Solar Age. TUNE IN! We will also share Robert Redford’s 1980 film The Solar Film. Special guest Tom Strumolo is one of the original 1979 Carter roof top solar installers and today continues the solar business.  Marin TV.


Wed, Oct 3, 5:30pm-11pm
RSVP. FREE! Kick off Party!

Celebrate Jimmy Carter, the Rock ‘n Roll President.  Dream Farmers headline at 19th Broadway in Fairfax (where fairness and facts are celebrated). (Over 21 only). We’ll be collecting donations for The Carter Center.
A teaser  – The Circle by the Dream Farmers!

Local favorites SamaraiWolf start the music at 7pm.

Sign the birthday book by artist Michael Feldman.  Food starts at 5:30. Open mic starts at 5:30! Thanks to Good Earth Natural Foods and Honey Moon Ice cream for their sponsorship.

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 9.43.52 AM


Fri, Oct 5, 5-8pm

Peri’s Bar in Fairfax, CA
Otis Scarecroe makes a special tribute to President Jimmy Carter with his best acoustic  tunes. Otis is a local favorite has stories about Carter. Time to to tune in! (Over 21 only)



Sunday, October 7 RSVP

Human Rights Gathering
2-4pm: Presenters, Finger food &
birthday cake
4pm: Salsa lesson
5pm: Dance till you drop!
WHERE: Sausalito Seahorse Restaurant, Sausalito, CA
COST: $20 -$35 sliding scale

Proceeds will be donated to The Carter Center which promotes democracy and human rights globally.

Special Guests include Gina Fromer, Commissioner of Human Rights Commission of Marin County and the following:


Mischa Geracoulis
is a writer/researcher/editor and educator in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mischa writes about social justice, human rights, child welfare, peace and capacity building, and the multifaceted human condition. Mischa attended the Carter Center’s recent, annual Human Rights Defenders Forum in Atlanta, Georgia and will report on the event


Curtis Reliford is executive director and Jefferson Award recipient with  Follow Your Heart Action Network. Since 2005, he has been travelling the United States helping the most vulnerable, including Katrina victims, Indigenous people and others. His dream is to arouse compassion in two percent of  Americans to come to the aid of the people in need across the US.




Alex Coe, age 13, has been a member of Marin County’s Human Rights Youth Commission for three years on sub-committees Racial Equity (Social Justice), Housing committee and food justice. She’s played the violin since she was 4 and has been acting and playing music for a number of different theatre companies in Marin.   . Alex has taken on the topic of affordable housing in Marin County. She loves to read, dance (ballet, hip hop). She recently presented before the County Board of Supervisors – inequity of housing.


Larry Bragman  has served on the Fairfax Town Council since 2003 and has served two terms as Mayor. He is a tireless public servant. He is the chair of the Ross Valley Paramedic Authority, a director of the Marin Telecommunications Authority, a board member of the Community Media Center of Marin, the Fairfax representative to the Transportation Authority of Marin and a member of the Fairfax Tree Committee and Affordable Housing Committee. Larry has been practicing civil and criminal law since 1982. He served as president of the Marin Trial Lawyers Association. He created and fostered sister city relationship with the Nobel Prize nominee Peace Community in Colombia  and co-sponsor of Fairfax’s Food Pantry.


Barbara McVeigh is the producer of the event and has been a very strong advocate for environmental and human rights issues. She recently returned from the 2020 Vision Conference in Sacramento and will give updates on the growing peace and human rights moment in California, as our state prepares to take a visionary lead politically, socially and spiritually in the year 2020.


Special NOTE:
Jimmy will be available for dancing in his best cardboard form. And we have a birthday book for all to sign!

Music by the famed Peruvian Julio Bravo!

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 9.02.15 AM


Did you know . . .  Jimmy spoke Spanish and gave all his speeches in Latin America in Spanish as a sign of respect? Well, if you didn’t know before, now you do!

Here’s a speech Carter gave in Cuba! Check it out! Yes, in Spanish with a southern twang! And who was in the audience? We’ll let you figure that one out yourself. Carter is a true diplomat.

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