October 1 – Carter turns 95! Let’s Celebrate!

On October 1, 2017 a small but mighty group collected on the shores of the San Francisco Bay. A plane was creating a heart in the sky in tribute to the final day of the 50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love celebrations. That day also marked President Jimmy Carter’s 93rd birthday and we were there to celebrate and launch the first “Jimmy Carter Jamboree” week with a line up of grassroots events of music, talks and public access television broadcasting, including the screening of the Swiss made film, A Road Not Taken at the Showcase Theater with the Swiss filmmakers who flew in for the events.

Carter has been called by historians the last president of the 60s era, one who lived by the ethos of what the people stood for and were willing to create in what some called the Age of Aquarius  – unity, kindness and generosity, along with iconic music that continues to play today. Imagine was one . . . a song that allows to dream big and be inspired. “Imagine all the people living in peace. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”

This year, 2019, President Jimmy Carter turns 95 years old, the oldest living president who has worked his entire life demonstrating to all of us how to live a humble but meaningful life. He was visionary and was thrown under the proverbial bus during his administration. Hindsight is 20/20 vision and we have the opportunity NOW to thank him and demonstrate not just to Carter but to all politicians who represent American interests to conduct business with honesty, integrity and vision, how we will celebrate them. Let’s show the light of what we want and light a candle, and in this case, 95 of them.

For three years now Marin County has established a platform, a grassroots level, for everyone to create their own celebration. We have a Facebook page, a website and ideas for you to join in the fun. Let’s give Carter a great public celebration now and let him know his speeches of “Crisis of Confidence” is screaming today across our country.

Perhaps the 60s era was just practice. It’s time now for the Age Aquarius, an age of peace and harmony. Imagine. Just imagine. Get inspired!

EVENTS IN MARIN COUNTY (check back soon – events are building!). Write to us and let us know what your public or private events are and we’ll post and share with The Carter Center!

October 1, 7-8pm – Marin TV, San Rafael, CA; Special live, audience attended, broadcast in tribute to President Jimmy Carter’s 95th birthday. Birthday cake to share with public.

October 4; 7-10pm – Seahorse Restaurant, Sausalito. Music, Latin dancing and dinner. Fundraiser for The Carter Center (remember, Carter spoke Spanish and insisted on always speaking Spanish, out of respect, to leaders of Latin America, even if it had a southern twang.

October 5; 6am to 3pm – SamaraiWolf plays a tribute at Fairfax Roastery, Fairfax, CA (SamaraiWolf has played every year for the last three in tribute to Carter). Come for coffee and sign the birthday book for Carter.

And I’m a dreamer AND believer. Are you? Join the fun with a smile on your face!
Barbara McVeigh



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