Time to Celebrate! – It’s Carter!

We’re on! The Jimmy Carter Jamboree, a grassroots party, by the people and for the people – The Month of October!

Youtube Channel Just Launched! with regular updates about President Jimmy Carter’s legacy related to human rights, peace, health, energy policies and history. . . we have not forgotten!  YOUTUBE CHANNEL

L_MG_4823et’s remember the kind of values we honor and put a smile on our faces, just like Carter here, and plan some national parties to honor a living president.

This will be our fourth year in Marin County with city and county wide Proclamations, California Resolutions, musicians, restaurants, bars and speakers, including ABC Host Spencer Christian, environmental activist April Peebler, Lawyer Larry Bragman, with special thanks to Seahorse Restaurant, 19 Broadway, Musicians: The Dream Farmers, Steve Wolf & Mason Holcomb, Lavay Smith, Wobbly World, as well as ocean activist Michael Stocker, and so many others.  _MG_4736

What’s more? We’ve called out some of our favorite citizens with birthdays in October, too, those who remind us of our power, as the people! Happy birthday to Peter Coyote, Angela Alioto, Kathleen Russell, Jose Neto and and. . . John Lennon, Imagine!


Harry Belafonte with Guitarist José Neto (The Man Behind The White Guitar)
José Neto – Guitarist

Let’s get the party going! We’re planning events, including a one hour special on Marin TV, to be announced soon!

A message from the Producer, Barbara McVeigh –
Hi Friends and my beautiful fellow Americans! Why am I peanuts to push this effort? I’ll tell you – when I was 13 years old my father stood up to an American President, the “Hero” of the Republican Party, Ronald Reagan. It was the historic 1981 national union strike when 21,000 families (air traffic controllers) nearly took down the American economy in order to make a stand for political honesty. Many of those strikers were Vietnam Vets – a little detail the media chose to ignore. I know the trauma it brings waiting for the FBI to come take your daddy and I lived my life with anger and resentment until I learned there is a better way to do business! Harry Belafonte says it best “put a smile on your face and start dancing in the face of fear, control or domination.” Never give away your spirit! And I dare say, given Jimmy Carter is the “President of Rock ‘n Roll,” it’s time we start a new party in this country, let our hair down and unify with love and raise a toast to Carter who shows us how to live with integrity and lead with vision!

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