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Congressman Jared Huffman’s Tribute to Jimmy Carter, 2017

Assembly Member Levine’s Tribute to President Carter, 2017

Board of Marin County Supervisors, Kate Sears (Proclamation), 2017

City Council of Novato, CA (Proclamation), 2017

9-26-17 - Birthday Greetings Jimmy Carter






Marin Artists Network


(proclamation by DCCM, voted unanimously Thursday, September 7, 2017)

Democratic Central Committee of Marin

WHEREAS, the 39TH President of the United States and Navy veteran, Jimmy Carter implemented clean energy and environmental conservation policies and practices, including installing solar panels on the White House, instituting recycling programs across federal government departments, environmental protection legislation, and establishing the Department of Energy to ensure an environmentally sustainable world; and

WHEREAS, Carter’s commitment to peace, democracy, human rights, and humanitarian values that respect all people were recognized by being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the United Nations Human Rights Prize, and have been displayed in numerous ways including giving speeches in Spanish, and his ongoing work to resolve conflict, promote democracy, protect human rights and alleviate human suffering in the U.S. and globally through The Carter Center and helping low-income people build their own housing through Habitat for Humanity; and

WHEREAS, the Democratic Central Committee of Marin affirms these values, has benefitted from Carter’s leadership and service, wishes to honor Carter on his 93rd birthday and supports the Jimmy Carter Jamboree being launched for the week of October 1-8 in the County of Marin to celebrate his birthday;

NOW, THEREFORE, the Democratic Central Committee of Marin does hereby recognize and honor 39th U.S. President Jimmy Carter October 1-8, 2017 throughout Marin County and encourages all of our citizens to participate in local events recognizing President Carter for the significant impact he has made on our nation, state and county and in honor of his 93rd birthday, October 1.

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Marin Interfaith Climate Action


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