Thank you, President Jimmy Carter

Last year Marin County launched the inaugural “Jimmy Carter Jamboree” to honor a living president who has demonstrated the power of kindness, generosity and honesty. The idea was to stir up grassroots parties and honor Carter with music tributes, videos and city/county wide proclamations.

Steve Wolf and Mason Holcomb kept it real by tributing their Saturday morning gig at a local cafe to President Jimmy Carter and added a level of connection to our age in their song “We Are Connected.”

We held a screening of the Swiss made film A Road Not Taken and with College of Marin’s support, we brought in the two Swiss filmmakers Christina Hemauer and Roman Keller, along with local advocate Michael Stocker of Ocean Conservation Research to discuss Carter’s policies.

We made a start and it was amazing because NO political leader in the past 37 years wanted to give public tribute to President Jimmy Carter.

This past week I had to make a choice whether to continue paying for this site. I mean why would the year 2017 mean anything to anyone? In the end, I decided to keep it as I recognized a deep symbolic value in this particular year and the reason we chose 2017 to celebrate President Jimmy Carter’s 93rd birthday.

First off, October 1, 2017 marked Carter’s 93rd birthday and he was the 39th president of our country. There is a representation of a numerical mirror, a symbolic reflection that very much underscores the time we are in – a reflection of his administration and the shadowy untruths and values that we have been living with politically, socially and spiritually for the last 37 years. October 1, 2017 also marks the same day that San Francisco celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love, a time when people were experiencing deep introspection, questioning authority and the establishment, a time that is upon us again. Fifty years, is a midpoint, another symbol for us to use to contemplate a direction we wish to choose.

Carter is known by historians as the “last president of the 60’s era,” and one whose speech The Crisis of Confidence of 1979 screams louder to us today, when it was criticized then.

Then, of course, the number 17 is full of symbolism – “The following are symbolic and spiritual meaning of number 17. The number 17 is responsible for, Insight, responsibility, self-discipline, strength, compassion, spiritual consciousness, and wisdom, a desire for peace and love for all of humanity.” I’d say, we could all relate to this.

So, the site will remain and I’ll continue to use this site for blogging to do my duty to share the triumphs of a great American leader . And here is where I’ll share the upcoming information for our next jamboree!

This week The Carter Center is hosting Human Rights Defenders Forum from July 21-24, 2018 (it’s available as a webcast). I listened to Carter’s talk yesterday and was humbled by his intellectual depth. And more than that I was reminded by the level of his integrity and deep sense of what is right and wrong in the world, from the position of women’s rights, immigration issues, racism and more. I was heartened to hear that some call him “the rock’n roll president” given that some of his best friends are musicians, such as Peter Gabriel and the Nobel Peace Prize recipient Bob Dylan who had refusedĀ  the Musicares Award in Los Angeles twice until President Jimmy Carter agreed to present it to him.

With all this said, we in Marin County are looking to honor President Jimmy Carter again this upcoming October. If you are interested in collaborating, please contact me, Barbara McVeigh, and let’s rock’n roll with party and blast it to the world to honor a living American leader who has demonstrated kindness, generosity and honesty on the highest level.

Bring the peanuts!

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