Carter – The Environmentalist

The beautiful and exciting part of being a Carter fan is that once you begin to look, you discover secrets or little known facts about this living legacy that our schools have failed to teach us and the media fails to report on.

But, lucky you! You’ve got ME to report all the findings! And that is my mission until our country recognizes our national treasure of President Jimmy Carter on a level we need to recognize this great leader. 

Yesterday I was roaming the beautiful public library of Mill Valley when I flipped through a large Ansel Adams wilderness photography book. As a photographer and nature, I can always enjoy his gorgeous work. And guess what I discovered?

In the forward section of the book there was a photograph of Ansel Adams and President Jimmy Carter with First Lady Roselyn. . . surprised, I had to read and discover that not only were they friends and Adams took many photos of President Jimmy Carter, aside from his wilderness work, but that Carter has been an enormous friend to the wilderness mission.

I looked this up when I got home. And sure enough, ready on. Time to recognize the power of an amazing visionary and conservationist whose time has come. Carter has provided us a baseline of honesty and good values that we can look for again in our next political leader:

by Ansel Adams

“In January of 1978, President Jimmy Carter designated 15 new national monuments in Alaska, acting where Congress would not. This action was credited with helping wilderness opponents realize the need for compromise on public lands legislation, and proves a pointed lesson for a modern climate of political discord.

Carter wasn’t done yet; the next month, the president signed into law the Endangered American Wilderness Act, which then represented the largest single addition to our National Wilderness Preservation System since 1964. In 1980, just before leaving office, Carter signed the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act into law, protecting over 100 million acres of Alaskan land in one fell swoop. Even since his stint as president, Carter has continued to be an outspoken advocate for wilderness, especially the “last frontier” of Alaska.” – Wilderness Society.

And more!

Time to honor Carter! And, yes, this photo was done by our great Ansel Adams!

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