Thank you to California’s Legislature!

It’s a tribute to President Jimmy Carter and recognizing the Carter Jamboree – a month long tribute to honor a living president whose energy policies were visionary when we knew about climate change . . .he pushed major solar and wind energy initiatives and conservation efforts.

But, what happened? It’s a story of the greatest propaganda act ever delivered by mainstream corporate media, corrupt politicians, big business, educators and even modern day environmentalists . . . not just downplaying Carter’s efforts, but maligning him as a failed president.

Carter was a visionary and was more for the people than any other president, arguable, in the history of the world. Time to honor and time respect. That’s what we are doing with the Jimmy Carter Jamboree -a month long tribute in honor of Carter who has “walked the talk” along with other activists whose birthdays are also in October in order to give us all reason to be inspired, amp up the music and celebrate good values to ignite a new age of honesty, kindness and humility as we turn this world around.

From the California Legislature – by State Senator Mike McGuire and State Assembly Member Marc Levine.


Thank you Rosalyn and Jimmy Carter for the inspiration!!!



The Jimmy Carter Jamboree Team, by the people and for the people.

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