Getting Ready – The Jimmy Carter Jamboree 2020

We have eight months until October 1, President Jimmy Carter’s 96th birthday. Our vision which started three years ago was to incubate the idea to celebrate a visionary and honest leader to ensure all our leaders know how “we, the people” celebrate the good ones!

Carter has been highly maligned by the mainstream for forty years, yet he was the visionary who pushed the first green deal of major solar and wind energy initiatives when we KNEW about green houses gases. California, under Governor Brown at the time, pushed for 17,000 wind turbines under Carter’s administration. Carter put solar panels on the White House and The Solar Age was set.

We want to share this important history with everyone – what better way to be prepared for the elections this November than by thinking about the efforts of our good leaders, those who led with peace, kindness and vision. It’s inspiration for us all. For three years now, Marin County has set the stage with examples to inspire – cities can issue proclamations, elected officials can create videos and write letters AND even write resolutions. Musicians can sing songs! Theaters can screen the Swiss made film about Carter’s energy initiatives A Road Not Taken!

This year we are asking the Governor of California to participate!

So, get on board and join us for what we would love to see – a global celebration of the kind of values we all could appreciate: peace, kindness and visionary leadership!

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