Carter’s 96th on Marin TV

A huge thank you to all those who made it happen, a celebration to honor President Jimmy Carter on his 96th birthday yesterday, October 1, hosted by ABC Spencer Christian and Barbara McVeigh. Guests are included below! Let’s amp it up!!

City of Novato issues first proclamation to endorse – the Jimmy Carter Jamboree! 2017

A special recognition to ABC Host Spencer Christian who joined us on community television for the full 2 1/2 hour program. Also special thanks to our power production team duo Director Omid Shamsapour and Assistant Jill Lessard who made it happen from the studio of Marin Television via zoom links, telephone calls and texts, computers and pure grit and creativity!

With a line up of amazing guests, we revisited Carter’s presidential policies related to the environment, energy, social justice, human rights and more and talked about thirty years of work of The Carter Center, recognizing the true giant that Carter is in today’s America and world.

Here are preinterviews with guests. The full show with our live guests will be available soon.

2017 Proclamation From City of Novato for a “Jimmy Carter Week” October 1-8. Thank you to College of Marin, Filmmakers of a Road Not Taken and more.

2019 California Resolution by State Senator Mike McGuire and State Assembly member Marc Levine, accepted at the Seahorse Restaurant by ABC Spencer Christian, Heirs to Our Oceans Founder April Peebler. Attorney, Environmentalist Larry Bragman speaks.

State Senator Mike McGuire Tribute to Carter.

Mischa Geracoulis, Human Rights Journalist

Denis Hayes, Founder/Org of Earth Day; Author of 1977 seminal book Rays of Hope, Transition to a Post Petroleum World. During the Carter administration, Hayes became head of the Solar Energy Research Institute (now known as the National Renewable Energy Laboratory), but left this position when the Reagan administration cut funding for the program. Since 1992, Hayes has been president of the Bullitt Foundation in Washington and continues to be a leader in environmental and energy policy.

Richard Stenger, Ranger of the Redwoods, Chief Marketing Ranger of Redwood Coast Parks in Northern California

Freedom” by Musicians Steve Wolf & Mason Holcomb

We are the World, from the heart of Africa, directed by Josphine Nyamu

Even former Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev joined our festivities with a letter to President Jimmy Carter, which we shared LIVE.

We push beyond politics in this program to reach that special place of heart, friendship, peace and respect to help drive a new narrative for humanity into a new age that works for us all.

Dear President Jimmy Carter,

I have in my archive a few photos of our meetings with President Carter. As I look at them now, I recall our conversations and lively exchanges on the most important issues of today’s world: peace, security, combatting poverty and backwardness, and saving our planet from environmental catastrophe.

We first met in 1992 when during my visit to America I spoke at Emory University. Raisa was with me, and following my speech the two of us and Jimmy and Rosalynn spent two hours having lunch and engaging in a friendly conversation. It was a substantive discussion and I think it was important for us.

Later we met on several occasions, worked together within the Forum of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates and discussed the developments in our two countries and the world during his visits to Moscow. A few years ago, I welcomed Jimmy Carter at the Gorbachev Foundation in Moscow. Together with other veterans of international politics – the Elders – we talked about the need for dialogue in world affairs and what each of us can do for dialogue to resume. This a task that is more urgent today than ever before. I am sure that President Carter will continue to do his utmost for this cause.

My greetings to you, dear friend, and wishes of more good years and success in all your initiatives.

Mikhail Gorbachev

Moscow, August 27, 2020

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