Some music to inspire! Thanks to The Dream Farmers of Northern California. A tribute to Jimmy Carter on his 93rd birthday and message to us all! The Circle.


Here are some ideas to help you generate your own peace loving and positive events. Share with us so we can collectively present to President Jimmy Carter for his 93rd birthday!



  • Backyard jams, concerts, peanut parties, Jimmy look a-like contests, speech performances,
  • Perform acts of kindness – like honoring our elders at retirement centers, mental health organizations, help out at food kitchens or prisons!
  • Present Jimmy’s speeches and help spread this message in Spanish to the Latin American communities! Jimmy spoke Spanish!
  • A call to artists! Portraits, songs, murals or videos for Jimmy! Get creative!
  • Make donations to Habitat to Humanity or other nonprofit organizations related to Jimmy’s work.
  • Knit a sweater contest!
  • Plant a garden, visit a farm and say thank you to our farmers!
  • Businesses: give us some deals the week of the Jamboree if people say “Do it for Jimmy!”
  • Post your happy birthday greetings to Jimmy!
  • Dance in the wind and under the sun for Jimmy and feel the good juju . . . !
  • Bookstores: display your Jimmy books!


Share YOUR ideas, photos to create a unprecedented California wave of light to brighten our world. We need it! Grassroots vision and action by the people and for the people!




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